YiFun Trade Brand New Fluorescence Detection System For End-point QPCR 0.1 RLU

YiFun Trade Brand New Fluorescence Detection System For End-point QPCR 0.1 RLU

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  • Wavelength of exciting fluorescence:470 nm
  • Wavelength of fluorescence detection: 530 nm (changeable)
  • Correlative coefficient? R?0.96
  • Test Precision?0.1 RLU
  • Input power? AC220~230V, 50~60Hz

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The Fluorescence Detection System for end-point QPCR (FDS) provides an economical solution of end-point quantitative PCR detection after PCR cycling.
The real-time quantitative PCR detection system is more expensive than the FDS plus the PCR cycler.
The FDS can be connected with computers via RS232C serial interface.
The powerful and easy-operating software supplies many functions such as data procession and analyzer, medical case statistic, database management and so on.
Additional, customers can get remote guide and remote quantity-control through the Internet if they connect the FDS with computer.

Key Features

End-point quantitative PCR detection.

Specially designed for PCR cycler.

Can be connected with computer via RS232C interface.

Powerful software, supply data procession and analysis, medical case statistic, database management.

Remote guide and remote quality-control enable.

High reliability and economy.


Reagents :FAM, FITC, SYBR. various fluorescence PCR reagents, such as TaqMan probe, etc.

Sample volume :20-100 祃

Wavelength of exciting fluorescence: 470 nm

Wavelength of fluorescence detection: 530 nm (changeable)

Monochromator device :Filter

Photo Detector : PMT (Photomultipier tube)

Correlative coefficient? R?0.96

Test Precision? 0.1 RLU

Display? High-light LCD, 20 ?2 pixel

Data communication interface? Connected with computer via RS232C interface

Light source? LED

Input power? AC220~230V, 50~60Hz

Power? 200VA

Size? 500 mm?50 mm ?200 mm/ 19.7*13.8*7.9 in

Operating environment? Ambient Temperature 5癈-40癈

Relative Humidity 30%-70%

EAN: 8165077868426