WZZ-2A Automatic Polarimeter Minimum readings: 0.002 °

WZZ-2A Automatic Polarimeter Minimum readings: 0.002 °

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  • Widely used in the sugar, pharmaceutical, drug, food, spices, MSG and chemical, oil and other indus
  • For laboratory analysis or quality control.

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Main purpose:
Polarimeter is to determine the degree of physical optical instruments. By measuring the optical rotation of the sample, the concentration\ purity\Brix of the sample can be determined

Photoelectric detection and automatic servo control, backlit LCD display, clear and intuitive test data, save three retest results, and calculate the average, with a RS232 interface, can transfer data to a PC.

Technical parameters:
Measuring range: -45 ° ~ + 45 °
Minimum readings: 0.002 °
Accuracy ± (0.01 ° + measured value × 0.05%)
Repeatability (maximum deviation) ≤0.01 degree
Samples can be measured transmittance of 10% minimum

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