UM-5 A&B Scan Snapshot Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Meter Tester

UM-5 A&B Scan Snapshot Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Meter Tester

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  • The AA battery will not send to you because of air shipping regulation, please get it by yourself
  • The couplant will also not send to you, only one empty bottle.
  • Size:153mm X 76mm X 37mm(H X W X D)
  • Weight:280g including batteries
  • Power Requirements:2 AA size batteries



Comparison of UM-5 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge:

• Color Display:
UM-5:√ UM-5D:√ UM-5DL:√
• Live A-Scan:
UM-5:√ UM-5D:√ UM-5DL:√
• Control of Gain, Blanking, Gage, Range, Delay, RF and Rectify Modes:
UM-5:√ UM-5D:√ UM-5DL:√
• Echo-Echo Mode(Thru-paint& coating):
UM-5:× UM-5D:√ UM-5DL:√
• Data Logger:
UM-5:× UM-5D:× UM-5DL:√
• DataView Software:
UM-5:× UM-5D:× UM-5DL:√


•Display Type:2.4" color OLED, 320 X 240 pixels, contrast 10,000:1
•Operating Principle:Pulse echo with dual element transducers
•Measuring Range:0.50mm to 508mm(0.02" to 20.00"),depending on material, probe and surface condition
•Measuring Resolution:Selectable 0.01mm,0.1mm(selectable 0.001",0.01")
•Units:Inch or mm
•Rectify Modes:RF+,RF-, HALF+,HALF-,FULL
•Display Mode:Normal,Minimum/Maximum capture,DIFF/RR%,A-Scan,B-Scan
•V-Path Correction:Automatic
•Update Rate:Selectable 4Hz,8Hz,16Hz
•Material Velocity Range:500 to 9999m/s (0.0197 to 0.3937in/us)
•Alarm Settings:Minimum & Maximum alarms. Range of 0.25 mm to 508 mm (0.010" to 20.00").Dynamic waveform color change on alarm
•Operating Temperature:-10°C to +50°C(+10°F to +120°F)
•Operating Time:About 40 hours.

Transducer Selection:

PT08(UM-5 Standard):5MHz-11mm;Measuring Range:0.8 to 100.0mm
TC510(UM-5/UM-5DL Standard):5MHz-13.5mm; Range:1.2 to 200.0mm
PT12:5MHz-13.5mm; Range:1.0 to 200.0mm
ZT12(Cast iron Type)2MHz-17mm;Range:4.0 to 508.0mm
PT06(Small tube):7.5MHz-8mm;Range:0.8 to 30.0mm
PT04(Fingertip):10MHz-6mm;Range:0.7 to 12.0mm
GT12(High Temperature):5MHz-15mm;Range:4.0-80.0mm P.S: TC510 is the standard probe for this listing. Other probes are optional.

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