Starrett 121CZ Long Range Tubular Vernier Inside Micrometer Set, 32-107" Range, 0.001" Graduation, +0.0004"/-0.0000" Accuracy

Starrett 121CZ Long Range Tubular Vernier Inside Micrometer Set, 32-107" Range, 0.001" Graduation, +0.0004"/-0.0000" Accuracy

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Brand: Starrett


  • Spans from 32 to 107", micrometer head graduated to 0.001"
  • Measures the inside diameters of cylinders, rings, and parallel surfaces
  • Supports large internal measurements beyond the range of caliper micrometers
  • Interchangeable measuring and extension rods provide a range of measurement
  • Tubular steel rods provide light weight and rigidity

Publisher: Starrett

Release Date: 2017-03-12

Warranty: Manufacturer


The Starrett 121CZ long range tubular inside micrometer set includes a micrometer head graduated to 0.001” mounted on the end of an insulated rod holder, a set of three interchangeable, adjustable measuring rods, and two extension rods that can be used in combination to span from 32 to 107”. These micrometers are designed for measuring the inside diameters of large cylinders, rings and parallel surfaces that are beyond the range of conventionally sized micrometers. The micrometer set comes with a protective wood case for storage.

The micrometer’s measuring rods are graduated in 1” increments, and have adjustable anvils that are hardened and ground for accuracy. The rods are made of steel tubing for lightness and rigidity, and have a rust-resistant, nickel-plated finish. The rod holder is insulated to prevent heat expansion when held in the hand, and has a knurled, ring-type clamping nut that grips the rod securely into place. The micrometer head has a knurled friction thimble that supports adjustment with uniform pressure, a screw movement of 1” for each full turn, and a rust-resistant, glare-free, satin chrome finish.

Micrometers are precision measuring instruments that use a calibrated screw to measure distances. These measurements are translated into large rotations of the screw that are then able to be read from a scale or a dial. Micrometers are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering. There are three types of micrometer: outside, inside, and depth. Outside micrometers may also be called micrometer calipers, and are used to measure the length, width, or outside diameter of an object. Inside micrometers are typically used to measure interior diameter, as in a hole. Depth micrometers measure the height, or depth, of any shape that has a step, groove, or slot.

The L.S. Starrett Company manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology and testing equipment, and saw blade products. The company was founded in 1880 and is headquartered in Athol, MA.

What’s in the Box?

  • Starrett 121 series micrometer head
  • Three graduated measuring rod
  • Two extension rod
  • Fitted case

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