Sherline 5800 - NexGen Vertical Mill

Sherline 5800 - NexGen Vertical Mill

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Brand: Sherline

Color: Metal


  • Has an 15" Extended Column Bed
  • Has an18" Extended Mill Table and 18" Mill base
  • Comes with a 7" x 13" Tooling Plate (3 T-slots, Alignment Pins)
  • Has an extra rigid column base!
  • Comes with a Mill Accordion Way Cover Set

Publisher: Sherline

Details: This new NexGen Mill has the following standard features: Extra-Rigid Column Base, 15" Extended Column Bed, 18" Extended Mill Table, 18" Mill Base, 7" x 13" Tooling Plate (3 T-slots, Alignment Pins), Y-axis covers-Mill Accordion Way Cover Set and extended 12" brass rear leadscrew cover. Extra-rigid Column Base-To take maximum advantage of the, extended column travels on this extra capacity Sherline mill, the column base has been increased in cross section for additional rigidity. The ability to swing the column arm from side to side has been eliminated in order to maximize the column's ability to maintain its position during heavy cuts. The column still rotates left and right 90° and the in/out adjustment is still available, giving it seven directions of movement including X, Y, Z and headstock rotation on the column itself. 15" Extended Column Bed-The standard 11" column with 5.38" of Z-axis travel has been replaced with Sherline's optional 15" column that provides 9.38" of vertical movement for use on larger parts or taller set-ups. 18" Extended Mill Table-The standard 13" mill table with 8.65" of travel has been replaced with Sherline's optional 18" table that provides 13.65" of X-axis travel. 18" Mill Base-The standard 14" mill base has been replaced with an 18" base that provides an additional 4" of Y-axis travel. This is made more useable with the inclusion of a P/N 1297 mill headstock spacer block that adds an additional 1.25" of throat distance to take advantage of the additional travel.

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