Power Quality Analyzer - 2-Port 30-300Amps

Power Quality Analyzer - 2-Port 30-300Amps

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Brand: MachineSense


  • Includes Power Analyzer Data Plan (6-Months Free)
  • Includes Motor Analytics Package (6-Months Free)
  • Includes Heater Bank Analytics Package (6-Months Free)

Publisher: MachineSense


The Power Analyzer electrical line monitoring system provides detailed power quality and energy consumption information for connected devices. Cloud based analytics and easy to understand dashboard gauges require no advanced training or expertise. Historical trends identify changing usage patterns, damaging power anomalies, and compare energy consumption between devices.

Power Analyzer electrical line monitoring system predicts the health of electrical motors and components, and provides detailed energy consumption information for connected devices.

Power Analyzer is used by many manufacturing operations and facilities management as a predictive maintenance tool. The system is used in the energy services industry as a guide to understanding and optimizing electrical power consumption.

Power Analyzer measures and analyzes voltage and current on all three phases, power factor, active power and energy, reactive power and energy, voltage and current total harmonic distortion, neutral imbalance as well as sag/swell event detection. Unlike other power monitoring devices taking manual on-spot measurements, Power Analyzer is typically permanently connected to a device, to provide for constant monitoring.

The clip-on toroid sensors are easily attached to the input power line and constantly monitor the supply line. Sensor data is transmitted by the on-board Prophecy Datahub via WiFi or Ethernet to a local router and to Prophecy's cloud infrastructure.

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