MT180 Multi Through Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (3-30)mm tester meter testing tool

MT180 Multi Through Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (3-30)mm tester meter testing tool

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  • 1.Model Number:MT180
  • 2.Measuring Range:3--30mm (in Steel)
  • 3.Sound Velocity:1000~9999 m/s
  • 4.Resolution:0.1mm/0.01mm
  • 5.Multi-mode: Pulse-Echo mode and Echo-Echo mode.

Publisher: WDQY

Product Description
The model MT180/MT190 is a multi-mode ultrasonic thickness gauge. Based on the same operating principles as SONAR, the instrument be able to measure the thickness of various materials with accuracy as high as 0.1/0.01 millimeters.
The multi-mode feature of the gauge allows the user to toggle between pulse-echo mode (flaw and pit detection), and echo-echo mode(eliminate paint or coating thickness).
Main Function
1.Multi-mode: Pulse-Echo mode and Echo-Echo mode.
2.Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material, including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass and other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials.
3.Transducer models are available for special application, including for coarse grain material and high temperature applications.
4.Probe-Zero function, Sound-Velocity-Calibration function
5.Two-Point Calibration function.
6.Single point mode and Scan mode. Seven measurements readings per second in single point mode, and sixteen per second in Scan Mode.
7.Coupling status indicator showing the coupling status.
8.Units: Metric/Imperial unit selectable.
9.Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery.
10.Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.
11.Optional software to process the memory data on the PC. unit type:metric system or British system(optional)
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