Hydropods Nutrient Controller Hub
Hydropods Nutrient Controller Hub
Hydropods Nutrient Controller Hub

Hydropods Nutrient Controller Hub

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The Growlink/Hydropods Nutrient Controller for greenhouse and indoor grow environments enables you to see, monitor, and control your grow operation from anywhere using your smartphone.

Optimize grow performance by providing consistent and accurate management of the feed system by using the Hydropods Nutrient Controller and optional dosing pumps. Simply program the controller with the conductivity and pH values that you want your system to run at and Hydropods will do the rest. You can also choose to control either the nutrient solution temperature or the air temperature.


  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Controlled by smartphone; no PC required
  • Data saved to cloud
  • Included pH Probe (0-14pH with ±0.2pH accuracy)
  • Included Conductivity Probe
  • Included Temperature Probe
  • Included Tank Water Level Sensor Float Switch
  • All probes are removable/replaceable
  • Calibration quality indicator for pH probe
  • Optional control functions - you can control one, two or all three parameters (pH, conductivity and temperature)
  • Selectable internal lockouts (ex. temperature high alarm can prevent nutrient dosing)
  • Provision for external lockouts, both normally closed and normally open contact (ex. a water flow switch can prevent all dosing action)
  • Automatic safety lockouts built in (ex. prevents dosing of pH and nutrient solution if a fault is detected)
  • Connect to unlimited Growlink/Hydropods sensors
  • Control unlimited devices with Remote Power Blocks
  • Control unlimited Hydropods Peristaltic Dosing Pumps
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free lifetime fanatical support
  • Assembled in the USA

Works with all Growlink/Hydropods Remote Modules.
Hydropods Nutrient Controller Hub requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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