Huanyu SYD-261 Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point tester Flash point

Huanyu SYD-261 Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point tester Flash point

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  • This instrument is designed as per GB/T261 and ASTM D93
  • The heating power is continuously and steplessly adjustable. The power is shown visually by voltmet
  • The structure is designed small and exquisite.The stainless-steel table board is beautiful and easy
  • Operation is easy.Test results are precise.It has been chosen as the instrument to test the closed c

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Product Description
This instrument is designed and manufactured as per standards GB/T 261-2008 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens closed cup method and ASTM D93 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. It is used to make determination of the closed cup flash point of the petroleum products.

Technical Data:
1. Power supply: AC (220±10%)V, 50Hz.

2. Heating device:The heating power is continuously adjustable from 0 W to 600W.

3. Heating rate:(112)/min Controllable and adjustable.

4. Stirring rate(1) Procedure A: (90120)RPM (2) Procedure B: (250±10)RPM

5. Standard oil cup(1) Inner diameter: 50.7mm50.8mm.(2) Depth: 55.7mm56.0mm (3) The described line depth of capacity of testing oil: 33.9mm34.3mm. (4) Capacity of testing oil:about 70ml

6. Igniting device(1) Igniting source: gas or other civilian fuels the same below (2) Electric ignition. Gas flame diameter:3.2mm 4.8mm

7. Thermometers Mercury-in-glass thermometer.Specifications are as below: 8. Ambient temperature 35

9. Relative humidity 85

10.Maximum power consumption650W

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