Huanyu Pick and Place Machine CHMT36

Huanyu Pick and Place Machine CHMT36

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Brand: Huanyu


  • Working power 200W:Environmental protection and energy saving
  • Small and lightweight:simple installation,convenient transportation.
  • could easily online programming if you don?t have PCB Circuit diagram.
  • No need to buy extra mobile feeder arrays,which is quite cost saving.
  • high speed of changeover from one placement program to another.

Publisher: Huanyu

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CHMT36 Munual Pick and Place Machine
1) The machine have Chinese or English version,which would be very user friendly for our foreign customers. 2) Coverfoil automated peel away device:Very convenient, and could make sure coverfoil peel away smoothly and without jerking from the tape,which could effectively prevent components jump out of the tape and jam the machine. 3) With 2 placement heads:2 components could be picked and placed at the same time at every working stroke of the machine. 4) Could place components on the correct footprints with 360 degree orientation,and with required precision. 5) Could handle the mounting for 0402 and IC components with required precision,even without vision system.The self-developed Laser positioning principle is quite effective for this type of machine. 6) Self developed Software operating system which is integral to the machine, no need to (and can not) attach to a separate computer.8G SD Card would be big enough for you to setup hundred thousands files. 7) Feeders are mechanized to automatically present the next component after the preceding one has been collected. 8) The programming process is very simple and quick:use Protel tool to extract the PCB circuit coordinate file,and use the format transformation tool we provided to you to transform the file format,and then copy to the SD card,insert to the machine,then you could use the file directly.

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