Huanyu Melting Flow Index Testing Machine for plastic MFR DH-MI-BP

Huanyu Melting Flow Index Testing Machine for plastic MFR DH-MI-BP

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  • The heating cylinder is made up of 304 stainless steel or alloy, for the reason that in high tempera
  • The melting flow index rate instrument is equipped with dual sensor configuration to get precise tem
  • According to the national standard, function that four minute countdown after feeding is added in th
  • The RS232 interface is available to be connected to the computer to output data(optional).
  • The last test conditions can be directly displayed after boot-strap to avoid users resetting test pa

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Product Description
Melting Flow Index Testing Machine DH-MI-BP Description This instrument is the most updated one that has been added many functions.The instrument configuration, equipment life, operation convenience and test accuracy has been greatly improved. Compared with the general domestic instruments, this melt flow tester has the most competitive advantaged cost.

Technical Data:
Mold: DH-MI-BP
Extruding and discharging part Outlet diameter:2.095±0.005mm outlet length:8.000±0.025mm Charging cylinder diameter:9.550±0.025mm Charging cylinder length:152±0.1mm Piston rod diameter:9.475±0.015mm piston rod length:6.350±0.100mm
Standard test load(a total of eight full weight)
Temperature range:conventional room temperature 400℃(500℃optional)
Cutting method: manual or automatic cutting
Temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes
Printed:A mini printer is used to print output automatically.
Supply voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ
Constant temperature accuracy:±0.5℃

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