Huanyu Electronic High-precision Densimeter Instrument Dual Use for Solid and Liquid 0.0001g/cm3 DE-120T

Huanyu Electronic High-precision Densimeter Instrument Dual Use for Solid and Liquid 0.0001g/cm3 DE-120T

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  • No need to open and close the lid,simple operation,shorter time measuring,according to the specifica
  • Show the percentage composition of mixed samples for researching and developing new materials
  • Automatically judge whether density qualified or not and prompt alarm
  • Function of solution compensation.necessary if liquid other than water is used as a medium for measu
  • Function of setting actual water temperature,measuring medium density,and water proof medium density

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Product Description
High-precision Multi-function Solid and Liquid Densimeter DE-120T Application:It is suitable for the field of quality management,cost control,new formula researching,new materials researching, scientific academies, researching key laboratories,quality inspection.etc. Standards:According to the ASTM D792,ASTM D297,GB/T1033,GB/T2951,JIS K6268,ISO 2781,ISO 1183,GB/T11540,GB/T12206,GB/T5518 standards etc. DE-120T can measure the density of solid and liquid; Features of simple operation,wide application,fully function; alarm rings when judge density is unqualified through the top and bottom limitation setting.About the solid mode,function of measuring DIN volume abrasion loss and expansibility of rubber,actual density and apparent density of powder,oil content of oil bearing,density of high density products.etc. adopt the memoryless dynamic measurement method for liquid mode; function of measuring density with three mode,get out of the cumbersome operation of re-calibrate when change weight. Function of displaying concentration of density and baume.

Technical Datas
Mold: DE-120T
Density resolution: 0.0001 g/cm3
Maximum weigh:120g
Minimum weigh:0.001g
Measurement range:0.0001-99.9999g/cm3

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