Hioki SM-9001 Surface/Volume Resistance Measurement Electrode

Hioki SM-9001 Surface/Volume Resistance Measurement Electrode

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  • Surface/Volume Resistance Measurement Electrode
  • Simple measurement of super-insulation resistance - When measuring super-insulation resistance with the SM9001, there is no need to cut into the sheet or film being measured. The electrode need only be placed on top of the measurement target, keeping measurement work extremely simple.
  • Improved measurement dependability thanks to compliance with JIS and international standards - The SM9001 complies with JIS C2170* and the IEC 61340-2-3 international standard, improving the dependability of super-insulation resistance measurement. *JIS C2170: Electrostatics—Methods of test for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials used to avoid electrostatic charge

Publisher: Hioki

Details: Hioki SM-9001 Surface/Volume Resistance Measurement Electrode SM9001, an electrode designed specifically for use with the SUPER MEGAOHMMETER SM8200 Series and the DIGITAL ULTRA-INSULATION/ MICRO AMMETER DSM8104. The SM9001 is designed for extremely high resistance values and offers a measurement range of 104 to 1013 Ω. Dedicated electrodes are essential in order to accurately measure resistance values of this magnitude, and HIOKI has offered eight dedicated designs for planar and liquid samples. The SM9001 improves on these offerings, delivering a new level of surface resistance measurement performance. Thanks to its use of elastic conductive rubber for electrode terminals and its ability to assure a stable contact voltage due to its own substantial weight, the SM9001 makes achieving stable measurement a breeze. Further, it can be used in conjunction with a SUPER MEGAOHMMETER to perform measurement that complies with JIS and international standards, dramatically increasing measurement dependability. The optional INSPECTION FIXTURE SM9002 allows electrode operation to be verified before measurement, ensuring confidence and peace of mind in the measurement process. Primary Applications Evaluation of battery separators Testing of static electricity-eliminating mats Quality control of insulating films

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