Gowe® Water Velocity Apparatus, Velocity Flow Measuring Devices, Hydrological Instruments

Gowe® Water Velocity Apparatus, Velocity Flow Measuring Devices, Hydrological Instruments

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  • 1.Speed range: V = 0.10 ~ 4.0 m/s;2. Continuous working hours: more than 10 h;
  • 3. Work water depth: use the actual water depth not classifier should be greater than 1.2 m;
  • Use fixed in the lead for rod on fish, the water depth are rarely more than 24 m;
  • 4. Work water quality: fresh water (contain but a mineral) or contains the muddy sediment;
  • 5. Instrument up turn speed: V0 than 0.08 m/s;6. Check formula of the mean square error: m 1.5% or;

Publisher: Gowe Ltd

Details: 7. Each second signal spin blades turn between number: 20 to turn. This type spiral paddle type velocity apparatus for testing water flowing scheduled the measuring point time average velocity. This instrument characteristics is, small volume, light and modelling, compact structure, precision, carrying, use convenient, applicable to small rivers, the river sell water, irrigation and drainage channels of ford, water conservancy survey, runoff experiment, etc, and is widely used in the test tube of small and medium-sized pump station efficiency flow measurement and hydraulic machinery efficiency experiment, and the environmental protection department of the wastewater monitoring, seepage flow measurement. Application This type spiral paddle type velocity apparatus is a kind of hydrological instruments, used in general rivers, channel, piping, tunnels, water in the measurement section scheduled point average speed water, so as to determine the cross-section of the flow. The principle and the calculation method LS10 type spiral paddle type velocity apparatus working principle is: when the role of inductive components into the instrument spin OARS, screw propeller which produce rotary motion, its turn rate "n" and velocity "V" exist between certain function relation V = f (n), this relationship is through the verification of the sink experiment determined. Experiments show that, when flow velocity in the 0.1 m/s more, LS10 type spin velocity gauge verification paddle type formula for a line of sex. Each build instruments verification results are provided the verification of the following formula: V bn + a = (corresponding to the original standard V = Kn + C) -flow (m/s); n-spinning propeller turn rate, equal to the total number of spin propeller turn n (n = 20 times the number of signals) and the corresponding speed for T than, namely n = n/T (1 / s); b-hydraulic pitch (m) (corresponding to the original standard K);

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