Gowe® Liquid Flow Meter

Gowe® Liquid Flow Meter

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  • Screw propeller diameter turn: Diameter 60mm; Screw propeller hydraulic torque screw: H=120mm
  • Instrument to speed up:V0≤0.05m/s; Instrument speed range:0.05-8m/s;
  • Instruments work water depth:40m; Wade through the measurement methods:Classifier installation
  • CG16-type 1 classifier:D16 mm x 1.6 m (can discharge into four sections);stream hours:24h
  • Pipe installation :Support within the special type classifier;Signal frequency:Every turn two signal

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Details: Check formula mean square error: 1.2% or m, V < 0.2 m/s, The relative error δ than plus or minus 5% This type spiral paddle type velocity apparatus for testing water flowing scheduled the measuring point time average velocity. This instrument characteristics is, small volume, light and modelling, compact structure, precision, carrying, use convenient, applicable to small rivers, the river sell water, irrigation and drainage channels of ford, water conservancy survey, runoff experiment, etc, and is widely used in the test tube of small and medium-sized pump station efficiency flow measurement and hydraulic machinery efficiency experiment, and the environmental protection department of the wastewater monitoring, seepage flow measurement. The instrument as CBL-type 1 pump station velocity apparatus, in July 1983, the organization by water and electricity identification, agreed that the equipment is used for medium and small single flow test pump station, with instrument installation, the operation is simple, convenient, stable performance, reliable work, the accuracy is accord with international standard ISO 2548-73 "flow test" grade C precision. Approved by the national promotion after use, the user agreement that the small with input and output high characteristic. In 1983 attains the hydropower department the progress of science and technology ministerial levels. The instrument is widely used for irrigation of the small channels ***Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service. ***

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