Fluke Networks OPVXG Optiview Xg Network Analysis Tablet

Fluke Networks OPVXG Optiview Xg Network Analysis Tablet

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Brand: Fluke Networks



Publisher: Fluke Networks

Details: Network Engineer's tablet with dedicated custom hardware for automated network and application analysis in the deployment and troubleshooting of new technologies. It's at home in the data center with support for 10 GbE and virtualized servers; at the users' office supporting 802.11n and application analysis; and with the switches and routers in between. Use it to find problems from your desk or take it - with the data it has collected - to the trouble spot for first-hand analysis. Its unique troubleshooting system is based on proactive analysis, path analysis, and application-centric analysis, which provides expert guidance that automatically identifies the root cause of problems.

Device Function:
Network Tapping

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