EMF Meter TES-593
EMF Meter TES-593
EMF Meter TES-593
EMF Meter TES-593

EMF Meter TES-593

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Brand: TES


  • EMF Meter

Publisher: Tes

Details: EMF Meter TES-593
10 MHz to 8.0 GHz frequency range
For isotropic measurements of electromagnetic fields
Non-directional (isotropic ) measurement with three-channel measurement probe
High dynamic range due to three-channel digital results processing.
Configurable alarm threshold and memory function
High frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field strength measurement.
Mobil phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement
Wireless communication applications (CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT)
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation Spy camera,wireless bug finder
Cellular/Cordless phone radiation safety level
Microwave oven leakage detection
Personal living environment EMF safety
RF power measurement for transmitters
•Sensor type:Electric field (E)
•Frequency range:10MHz to 8.0 GHz
•Directional characteristic:Isotropic,3-dimensional
•Measurement range (CW signal>50MHz):38mV/m to 11V/m
•Absolute error(@1V/m and 50MHz):± 1.0dB
•Frequency response (taking into account typ.CAL factor):± 1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9 GHz),±2.4dB(1.9GHz to 35GHz)
•Measurement method:Digital,triaxial measurement
•Directional characteristic:Isotropic, triaxial
•Measurement range selection:One continuous range
•Display resolution:0.1mV/m, 0.1 μA/m, 0.1 μW/m²,0.001 μW/cm²
•Setting time:Typically 1s ( 0 to 90% of meas. value)
•Display refresh rate:Typically 400mS
•Display type:LCD 4 digit
•Audible alarm:Buzzer
•Measurement units:mV/m,V/m , μA/m,mA/m,μW/m² ,mW/m², μW/cm²
•Measurement display value: Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on

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