AEMC K100 DC/AC Micro Probe, 4.5A Range

AEMC K100 DC/AC Micro Probe, 4.5A Range

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Brand: AEMC


  • Measures extremely low level DC from 100µA
  • Low noise; ultra-compact size and non-contact clamp-on convenience
  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Designed for use with DMMs and oscilloscopes
  • Accurate display of wave forms

Publisher: AEMC

Details: The Model K100 has exceptional AC/DC current measurement capabilities. Very small and compact, this microprobe is designed for accurate measurement of very low currents with 50µADC sensitivity. Its very small size and "clip" shape make it ideal for probing and measuring in tight wiring areas such as circuit boards, 4 to 20mA process loops or automotive electronic circuitry. Model K100 is an excellent companion to all DMMs and instruments that will benefit from the probe’s high sensitivity, dynamic range and waveform displaying characteristics. The Model K100 provides a 1mV/mA output and is designed for versatility and general low current applications. It provides AC + DC output signal proportional to the total current under test, without the need of probe ranging or signal filtering. True RMS measurements with total AC + DC components are possible. Outputs signal proportional to total, current (AC + DC). No range or mode (AD/DC), switching required. Extended battery life. Red LED indicates momentary or continuous overload. Green LED indicates power and battery condition. Double insulation. CE mark. Applications:industrial process controls (4 to 20mA current loops), electronic circuit design, testing and repair, automobile wiring and engine control systems, avionics systems maintenance and repair, shipboard maintenance and repair, fault and signal location in complex networks, ground and leakage current measurement, pre-deployment testing of powerconscious equipment. 0 to 3A RMS/0 to 4.5ADC Nominal range. 0 to +/- 4.5A Measurement range. DC to 2kHz (at -3dB sine) Frequency range. 200Ohms min Load impedance. 300V, EN 61010-1, Cat. II Working/Common mode voltage. 9V Alkaline battery. Operating temperature: -14 degree to 131 degree F. Storage temperature: -40 degree to 176 degree F. Dimensions: 4-51/128" width by 0-19/32" height by 1" depth. Weight 9oz.

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